Samples of our New translucent colors in use. Yes, the metallic shine really comes through!

ochub.jpg (5215 bytes)tcchub.jpg (5344 bytes)


crh.jpg (4589 bytes)tcrh.jpg (4603 bytes)torh.jpg (4595 bytes)

tbluechub.jpg (5624 bytes)

wildchubs.jpg (54175 bytes)

Our translucents may be undercoated with white first to give a bright lemon yellow fluorescent, hot pink fluorescent, blaze red flourescent, powder blue and buckskin gold.

Translucent blue dusted over translucent yellow creates the green colors in the jigs above and when the translucent blue and pink combine a purple is created. You can either premix the colors to create the colors you like in a small container or use the two toning brush which softens the color changes.

A truly stunning gold tinge (similar to the sides of a walleye) is created by dusting a small amount of translucent gold over translucent yellow with a two toning brush (small hobby / artists brush with a natural hair bristle).