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Fishing Manitoba walleye with fishing jigs, Chub fishing jigs for big walleye!

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   Fishing Sourdough Bay in 1999 produced three Manitoba "Master Angler" walleye ( 28 inches ) in one afternoon / evening session. We were using 1/8 oz. Chub fishing jigs tipped with leeches or night crawlers, when we tipped them with minnows we caught lake whitefish! (21 inchers)

   The Chub fishing jigs were painted with fluorescent yellow bellies and either fluorescent orange or green backs, both jig styles had black striping across the back.(click on image above) This also seems to be a very effective pattern on Amisk (Beaver) lake to the west (in Saskatchewan), as I caught several smaller fish in a two hour evening session the day of our arrival using this pattern in the fluorescent yellow / orange color combination again tipped with leeches or crawlers.

   These Chub fishing jigs have excellent balance and a very sensitive feel when vertical jigging in 10 to 15 feet of water. I prefer them over the standard roundhead fishing jigs for their sensitivity and they  have a minnow like profile that the fish seem to like.

   Manitoba has barbless hook regulations so I usually cut small pieces off of plastic worms to place on my hook after the leeches. The leeches have a tendency of getting themselves off the hooks unless you use this little trick to keep them on. Once you get started fishing with barbless hooks and see how easy it is to release fish, you'll switch to barbless hooks for most fishing.

   For a look at the fish we caught during our Chub Jig test, see our Catch and Release page!

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