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'POW - Behind Canadian Barbed Wire' tells the stories of the camps of both wars together with the escape attempts, murders, trials and executions. In addition, coverage is given the POW camps in Britain and the USA together with the murders and executions which took place in those countries. This book was previously published in 1980 as "Behind Canadian Barbed Wire".

'Prairie Wings' is the unique story of the Royal Air Force Station #34 Service Flying Training School Medicine Hat 1941 - 1944. Prairie Wings gives the historical background leading to the formation of RAF bases in Canada and uses the "secret" diary of the Medicine Hat station forms the basis for the book with over 80 photo's, most previously unpublished. 

'POW - Behind Canadian Barbed Wire' formed the basis for the National Film Board of Canada production 'The Enemy Within' ; and for the CBC TV COUNTRY CANADA documentary 'Murder Behind the Wire', and for a GERMAN ZDF-TV film for viewing in Germany. 'Murder Behind the Wire' was seen by an estimated 1.2 million viewers across Canada.

The Legislature Ghost - Echoes of the Past by David J CarterTHE LEGISLATURE GHOST - ECHOES OF THE PAST "This attractive book features 136 photos including 82 B&W illustrations of vanishing prairie buildings in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Montana. Many of the stories and photos relate to Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Medicine Hat and area.
The book features a unique collection of 48 full color photos of original art created by former civilian internees and combatant prisoners of war while captive in Canada during World War Two.
"The stories will make you laugh and cry as you revisit your own formative years and find echoes in your own heart. There are  3 ghost stories, 2 stories for the 'child within you', and stories to warm your heart. The tales, poems and photos will take you on a journey from birth to death."  

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'Manny Goes To War', tells of the adventures of Manuel Raber who joined the RCAF as a gunner in September 1941. He enlisted in Calgary and trained in Edmonton, Claresholm, Saskatoon and Dafoe prior to shipping via Halifax to the UK. He flew on missions in both Halifax and Wellington aircraft and was shot down November 24, 1942. He parachuted to safety over Belgium and was harboured by the Belgian  underground prior to being captured.

'St. Margaret's Church' was built in 1907 and was extensively restored in 1992. while the church was originally built as Church of England (Anglican/Episcopalian) it is operated on a non-denominational basis, administered by a non-profit society.... photo's updated, Dec 3, 2007.

David Carter's biography.

Inspector Francis Jeffrey Dickens, of the North West Mounted Police. The third son of author Charles Dickens, he joined the NWMP in October 1874 having previously served in the Bengal Police.
From 1874-1886 he served at Forts Dufferin, Livingstone, Macleod, Walsh, Pitt and Battleford as well as The Blackfoot Crossing. He was in charge of Fort Pitt during the Rebellion of 1885 when it was under attack. Inspector Daun Miller and four other uniformed members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police dedicated a headstone Tuesday Sep. 24th at the grave of Francis J. Dickens. Read the article on The Dispatch's website.



Summer 2004. No. 463 Vol 100 Part 2  ISSN 0012-2440


THELMA GROVE on Francis Jeffery Dickens p. 163/164.





Pencil drawing by James Marshall'James Marshall' - Artist - sculptor. Most recent work by 'Harvards flying in formation over Medicine Hat's R.A.F. Service Flying Training School, 1944'. Prints available - click here.



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