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The Pumpkin Cam is off-line for this year. We are moving to a new home and leaving the old patch behind so there will be no updates (or even a pumpkin) for the summer of 2002. Best Wishes to all the other growers for a great season! Check back in 2003.
Pumpkin Cam ! 
Kournikakis 462 - 6th place at Smoky Lake .
Welcome to my Pumpkin Patch! My name is Bill Kournikakis and I am a Defence Scientist working at the Defence Research Establishment Suffield . I having been growing giant pumpkins in Medicine Hat , Alberta since 1994. In 1997 I grew a 449.5 pound pumpkin that came in 11th place at the weigh-off in Smoky Lake, Alberta. In 1998 I was on track to beat that until a small hole and rot set in that ruined a 508 pounder (unofficial weight) in August. In 1999 I finally passed the 500+ mark (officially) with a 553.5 pound pumpkin that won 3rd place at Smoky Lake.

My 1999 Growers Log documents the growth of the Kournikakis 553.5. You can view them by month:

April......May.....June.....July.....August....October- Smoky Lake Results

My 2000 Growers Log documents last years efforts. You can view them by month:

April..... May..... June..... July..... August..... October.....

My 2001 Growers Log: Follow this years progress month by month!

April..... May..... July.....August.....September.....October - Smoky Lake Weigh-Off.....New for 2001! Time Lapse Videos. Watch how seeds germinate and seedlings grow! My Pumpkin Patch site is a place for friends and interested fellow pumpkin growers to see what I'm up to in the garden. Interested? Come into the patch and look around! Also, some Halloween photos! Check out the recipe for Pumpkin Pie cake and don't forget to see the Christmas Pumpkin. and 1998's The Valentine Pumpkin

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